The Growroom: created by Space10 (a living-lab in Copenhagen dedicated to investigating and creating solutions to urban sustainability issues), the Growroom was created in response to the need for more local, urban food systems.

The Space10 Growroom is open-source, meaning anyone can use the plans to create it, as long as they give appropriate credit for the design. It is a multi-tiered, spherical garden, designed to alleviate the issues of available space that often come when trying to integrate food and gardens into the urban landscape. More information on Space10 and their Growroom can be found here.

Our Edmonton based Growroom – aka project “GrowroomYEG” – blossomed when creating an Urban Planning event at the University of Alberta. Thinking that the Space10 Growroom would be an innovative addition to the sustainability side of Urban Planning, we incorporated it into this event.

The University of Alberta’s Urban Week event took place March 20th-24th, 2017, during which time the Space10 Growroom was on display. It will soon find a permanent home in Edmonton, and a permanent one on the University of Alberta campus is being explored. Find more information on how you may view our Growroom here.